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Herniated Disc Treatment

As many as four out of five Americans experience significant back problems during their lives, making back pain the second most common reason for a doctor's visit. Many times, a herniated disc is the source of the pain.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Herniated Discs

Minimally invasive lumbar discectomy approach offers a speedier recovery, smaller incision, less post-operative pain and a shorter hospital stay than traditional open surgical procedures. A fluoroscope is utilized to obtain a real-time view of the spine. Guided by the fluoroscope, a small needle is inserted through the skin and muscle to the affected area to make the initial ½-inch incision. Following the needle, dilators, or metal tubes, are inserted sequentially - from small to large - through the muscle. A muscle-splitting METRx™ method is used to gradually separate and open, rather than cut the muscle. The herniated disc is then removed through the small opening, while the support structure of the disc remains intact.

Once the procedure is complete, the dilator is removed and the separated muscle fibers flow back together. The minimally invasive approach limits the muscle damage and pain often associated with traditional back surgery. It also allows for more movement and faster return to work and daily activities.