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Sports Injuries & Treatments

Our goal is to provide the active patient – whether a professional, competitive or recreational athlete – the treatment required to return to the activity level they desire in a safe, timely and effective manner.

Individualized care and customized sports injury treatment programs are delivered by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of sub-specialty fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons, physical medicine & rehabilitation and internal medicine physicians, neuropsychologists, physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches.

In addition, many of our affiliated physicians  have been sub-specialty trained in the treatment of sports related injuries in some of the nation's top sports medicine programs and are athletes themselves.  

Sports Injuries and Treatments by Body Part

Sports Injury Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of orthopedic services to help athletes perform at their highest level:

    A thorough sports medicine evaluation will determine each patient’s treatment plan. If necessary, patients are offered cutting-edge, minimally invasive sports injury treatment strategies that allow a rapid and full return to desired activities.