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Ongoing Research

At Memorial Hermann, our residents benefit from the unique experience of conducting clinical research. Assisted by our Research Coordinator, Lane Bailey PT, PhD, residents have the opportunity to take part in one of our several ongoing research studies. Residents may also choose to create their own clinical question related to one of our larger ongoing data sets: Clinical Outcomes Following Arthroscopic Knee Surgery (COFAKS), or Clinical Outcomes of the Spinal Patient from Conservative Care to Post-Operative Management. Below is a list of our ongoing research studies being led by our residents.


Conservative Management of Proximal Hamstring Pain: The Development of a Classification System

Led by residents Kathryn Barry and Elaina Roeing


The Relationship Between Isokinetic Strength Testing and Single Leg Hop Performance for Patients Following ACL Reconstruction

Led by resident Melissa Abellanida


The Influence of ‘In-sport’ versus ‘Out-of-sport’ Injuries on Psychological Readiness after ACL Reconstruction

Led by resident Jenifer Presley


Is Limb Symmetry Index Reliable after ACL Reconstruction?

Led by resident Chris Lefever


Does Blood Flow Restriction Training Improve Quadriceps Function after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery? A Randomized Clinical Trial

Led by resident Steven Higbie