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Imaging and Biomarkers in Adolescents Cleared for Return to Play after Concussion

Lead Physician: Harvey Levin, Ph.D. (Baylor College of Medicine), Summer D. Ott, Psy.D., and Pramod Dash, Ph.D. (McGovern Medical School at UTHealth).

Sports Neuropsychologist, Summer D. Ott, Psy.D. from the  UT Medical School at Houston Department  of Orthopedic Surgery and Pramod Dash, Ph.D. from the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy have partnered with Baylor College of Medicine Professor and  esteemed researcher, Harvey Levin, Ph.D. to study the potential long term effects  following brain injury.   This team of researchers will examine the effects of sports related concussion on brain structure and neurocognitive function one month following injury in adolescents who have been medically cleared to resume play. As potential biomarkers for concussions and recovery, microRNAs will also be evaluated.  This study is one of eight projects recently funded by the NIH and NFL to investigate various aspects of brain injury, particularly in those identified to be most at risk for long term consequences,  athletes and military personnel. Enrollment for student athletes, ages 14-18.


Initiation Date: 2014-02-18