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Sports Nutrition

Whether you're a distance runner, football player, gymnast, soccer player, a cyclist or triathlete, our experts understand the key role nutrition plays in achieving athletic performance. Registered Dietitians help you understand, plan and execute nutrition strategies for daily living, training and competing.

We offer a comprehensive suite of nutrition-based testing and  counseling services. Our experts integrate nutrition strategies with comprehensive strength and conditioning programs developed by the coaches, therapists and sports medicine physicians of The Institute. 

Better Fueling for Performance Starts Here
  • Sport Nutrition Assessment and Consultation: The nutrition assessment determines an athlete's nutrition needs based on body type, sport, metabolic rate, and short- and long-term performance goals. Each consultation is unique to each athlete and includes specific recommendations to help athletes reach and maintain peak performance.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Measurement: Measuring your resting metabolic rate tells you the amount of calories your body burns when at  rest. Additional calories are added to the RMR to determine total calories needed per day. Knowing an athlete's RMR can help with weight  management and nutrition planning.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Body composition analysis uses hydrostatic weighing to measure the amount of fat versus lean tissue as a percentage of an athlete's total weight. Body mass and body composition in athletes vary by sport and position and can be improved through nutrition and exercise.
  • Calories Per Hour Running or Cycling: The calories per hour expended while running or cycling can help you plan your nutrition for these activities. The calories expended per hour for running is calculated at various speeds while you run on a treadmill. The calories expended per hour for cycling is calculated while you ride your bicycle on a Computrainer® at either various cycling speeds or watts.

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