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Human Performance

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Pricing and Packages

Performance Testing and Improvement Services

The IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute offers human performance testing services in convenient sport-specific packages, a la carte, or customized to your unique needs.

Pricing is subject to change. Please call to verify pricing.


A La Carte Pricing

Calories per hour (Kcal/hour) determination for running or cycling $100
VO2 max - cycling or running $100
Lactate profile - cycling, running or swimming $125
Body composition analysis $40
2-D running gait analysis $75
Initial nutrition consultation $125
Follow-up Nutrition Consultation (50 min) $90
Resting Metabolic Rate $75
Functional Movement Screen $50
Initial Strength Training Session with Functional Movement Screen $100
Follow-up Strength Training Session (60 min) $75

Complete Your Package

The following services may be added to any of the above packages at the following discounted rates:

  • Nutrition Consultation: $100
  • Body Composition: $25
  • Resting Metabolic Rate: $50
  • Strength & Conditioning Consultation with Functional Movement Screen (FMS): $75