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Lactate Threshold Test

Price: $125

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What is lactate threshold testing?

Your lactate profile is a powerful and reliable predictor of performance in aerobic exercise. The body produces a performance-limiting substance called lactate during exercise. The lactate profile test determines the level of exercise intensity at which the body begins to produce this substance at a greater rate than it can be removed. 

What do the results mean?

Knowing your lactate profile will allow you to plan your training, raise your lactate threshold and increase your work intensity. Elite endurance athletes have a high lactate profile, typically 80 percent to 90 percent of their VO2 max.

How is a lactate threshold test done?

Your lactate threshold can be estimated during the VO2 max test or it can be actually measured during the lactate profile test. The lactate profile test is similar to the VO2 max test, however the work stages are longer and blood samples are taken to determine your actual blood lactate concentration. During the V02 max test, the lactate threshold is estimated using metabolic parameters like VO2 & VCO2.

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A lactate profile for cycling, running or swimming is $125 a la carte. The IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute at Memorial Hermann also offers sport-specific packages to meet the needs of all athletes. 

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