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Memorial Hermann and CES Performance collaborate to benefit Houston athletes


The Houston sports community has a new team. CES Performance and Memorial Hermann Health System are teaming up to create a one-stop-shop for athletic training and rehabilitation.

“One thing that is difficult as a health system is to be able to have the resources to develop the sports performance end of our program,” said Wayne Fraleigh, CEO of Ambulatory Services at Memorial Hermann. “So, we feel that by collaborating with CES Performance, we’re going to be able to enhance and create a complete package for athletes.”

Memorial Hermann, or more specifically, the IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute, gets injured athletes back on the field as quickly as possible with a defined rehabilitation plan. CES helps them perform at their peak while healthy. The two companies work together to make sure the injury doesn’t happen again.

“That synergy really makes sense for the athlete,” said Brian Duncan, Director of Human Performance at Memorial Hermann. “We’re able to take you through that process into the return to sport phase. With our collaboration with CES, we’re also able to then pass you off and make sure you’re set up to continue your athletic development so you’re reducing the risk of injury. You’ve got a training strategy and coaches who know what they’re doing and a facility that’s phenomenal.”

The greatest benefit to athletes may not even be the hands-on physical work, but rather in the communication between the two entities behind the scenes.

“Our strength coaches and sports dieticians work with CES strength coaches and have a seamless approach and professional dialogue that just doesn’t happen elsewhere in the strength and conditioning, physical therapy or the rehab communities,” Duncan said. “It’s going to be great for them professionally, but also good for the athletes."

To learn more about the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute:

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